Thursday, November 23, 2017

MyTheresa's Amazing Cyber Weekend

Nobody does European fashion quite like, well, Europeans. The selection is always a little different than what you will find around home and the styling is done with an extra twist of creativity.

We like to surf the European fashion sites whenever we are in need of a little bit of style inspiration. MyTheresa, in particular, offers that special 'Je ne sais quoi' that brings your style game to a whole other rung. Our favorite part of MyTheresa is the great sales, of course!

Right now, shoppers can save 30% off using the code BLACK30. The sale isn't public yet but you can use this private link to start shopping now.

The best part of the sale is that lots of items area already priced less than they would be Stateside. Take a look at these velvet Ellery boots. The retail price is over twice as much from regional retailers. once you take the extra 30% off they come to $560. We've seen similar styles for nearly $1800!

There are other items that are hard to find discounted, like this Loewe Hammock bag that comes to $1000 less than normal and a JW Anderson Pierce bag that's about $1000 from nearly $1500. Over this way is an adorable Alex Chung sweatshirt that's $190 from $260 and Aquazzura suede loafers, which we also don't recall having seen, are $455 from $650.

Mr & Mrs Italy's fur lined coats and jackets haven't even hit markdowns anywhere here yet but MyTheresa has a large assortment that is included in the Black Friday sale. We especially like the fur lined boots ($336 from $480) but aren't sure about how suede will hold up through an NYC winter.  If Mr & Mrs are still priced to high for your budget, opt for Yves Salomon, which is about half the price and also included in the promotion.

Take note, the discount can be applied to items using this link. You can clearly see that the original pricing is better than US retailers and the additional percentage makes shopping overseas extra attractive. We also love that there are no shipping surprises and MyTheresa includes duties and taxes in all its pricing. What's even better? MyTheresa delivers in less than 48-hours! Now, that is service.

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Where to Shop on Black Friday

This week, the biggest friends and family event is Thanksgiving. There are great deals whether you're looking for the excitement of crowds or prefer to shop solo from your computer. Take note, that some of the most attractive promotions are Friday only. Below are our top picks for Black Friday. Rest assured, the deals are almost identical if you are shopping online or if you're thrill seeking in stores.

You'll find discounts upon discounts galore at Shopbop. Sale items are currently discounted up to 75% and most 'full' priced items are 30% off. To sweeten the deal, the site is offering an extra 'buy more, save more' deal where you can save up to an additional 30% off. Use the code MORE17 to activate the extra savings. We have our eyes on these white pumps that we think are even better looking than the Celine version. We just love the heel and they are only $150. A Phillip Lim red cross body is already reduced to $455 from $650 and a smashing red, Giambattista Valli cape dress comes to $700 from $3265.

Neiman Marcus 
For Black Friday only, Neiman Marcus will be offering an additional 33% off sale items. That will bring the total discount on designer fashion to 60% off, which is much more than anyplace else.
We can't say with 100% certainty, which items will be eligible for the additional markdown but we have our eyes on this quilted Saint Laurent bag that is already reduced $1387 from $1850, a mini Dolce & Gabbana bag that's discounted to $417 from $700, velvet Manolo Blahnik BB heels that are $465 from $700 and this red Givenchy dress that's really the perfect shade of the holiday season.
(Bergdorf Goodman won't be offering the same promotion but will offer an additional 20% of sale, starting December 5.)

Saks Fifth Avenue 
Prices for the shopping extravaganza will be reduced up to 60% off if you can get to the store or log in before noon on Friday. An Alice & Olivia print dress is $118 from $300 and Frame high waist jeans are just $66 from $250. Just a warning, the early Saks crowd can be overwhelming. This is one of these days where shopping online can avoid lots of aggravation.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Neiman Marcus Extra 30% Off

At this moment, most people are planning their escapes, their menus or their Thanksgiving outfits. With the distraction of family and holiday it's hard to concentrate on, well, shopping. We suggest you take a moment for yourself right now because we have a scoop that you're not going to want to miss.

Most retailers have discounted designer merchandise to 40% off but we got word about a Neiman Marcus promotion that will top everybody else's sales. For Black Friday only, Neiman Marcus will be offering an additional 33% off sale items. That will bring the total discount on designer fashion to 60% off, which is much more than anyplace else.

We can't say with 100% certainty, which items will be eligible for the additional markdown but we have our eyes on this quilted Saint Laurent bag that is already reduced $1387 from $1850, a mini Dolce & Gabbana bag that's discounted to $417 from $700, velvet Manolo Blahnik BB heels that are $465 from $700 and this red Givenchy dress that's really the perfect shade of the holiday season.

We suggest that you place items in your cart now and check out as soon as the additional discount becomes available. On Saturday, the promotion rolls back to an additional 20% off and by Sunday it's all over. The next 'hard' markdown won't come until December 14.

Wishing you and your loved ones a bounty of cheer,  plenty of pie and much to be thankful for. 
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

French Connection Black Friday Sale

The weather is getting cooler and party season is just around the corner. All of last season's purchases seem, blah. A closet full of nothing to wear has never been such a harsh reality.

This season, we are determined to not be paralyzed by closet fatigue and are sprucing things up. We've found that French Connection is the ideal intersection of price, quality and style. What's even better is that the company is hosting a Black Friday event where everything on the site is be discounted 40% off.

We are told that this is the best sale of the season and we aren't going to spend a moment hesitating. We've been searching for the perfect party outfit and found this head-turning sequin dress that's $136 from $228. As a matter of fact, the entire Party Glamour Collection is pretty amazing.

Over this way we found  a floral print top that works well for day, night, work or Sundays. It is comes to just about $58 from $98. You can top anything off with this check wool coat and create a dramatic outfit ($256 from $428).

What ever you do, don't skip the accessories, shoes and jewelry. We immediately fell in love with these suede blue open-toe booties. They are perfect for adding a splash of color in a sea of black and come to only $94 from $158.

The discount can even be applied to sale items! With prices and style like this, there is really no excuse to subject yourself to your current options. The French Connection Black Friday sale will only run through November 27. After that, you're on your own.

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Inside Bloomingdales Presale (Private Gucci Link)

The Bloomingdales presale is in full swing. Discounts range up to 50% off. The sale officially starts on Friday, whether will be lots of extra incentives too.

Obviously, we started in the shoe department About a dozen styles of Gucci shoes are discounted 50% off. The sale is also online. You can use this private sale link to access the goodies. We suggest you get clicking fast. Sizes are running low and the store even has less inventory.

Some of our favorite sale styles are these ribbon pumps that are $365 from $730. The Jacquard print bootie is $825 from $1650 and overly embellished heels are $925 from $1850. This serpent flat and heel is actually discounted in the store. We suggest you make the purchase while there is size inventory and then call for a price adjustment. (You can click here to see pictures of all the shoes included in the Gucci sale.)

Other brands included in the resale are Ferragamo, Chloe and Fendi. We have pics here. The discount shoes markdown is 40% off. The Dior sale is set to start December 7 and the Chanel markdown will be a few days later.

One other standout markdown are the Herve Leger dresses. Two full racks are discounted 60% off. The brand isn't what it used to be but there are some really (surprisingly) stylish options. One such dress was adorned in safety pins and another was a simple black and white. You can see pics over here.

Going in to Black Friday, Bloomingdales shoppers can earn $25 off every $200 you spend. Beauty shoppers 10% off cosmetics, fragrances and the like. On other merchandise there will be a tiered discounts up to an additional 20% off -- 'The more you spend, the more you save.'

Who can keep up?

White Winter Hot with Sunglasses

Winter isn't usually considered high sunglass season but fashion insiders know that eyewear trends begin during the coldest months of the year. Finding the right shades shouldn't be difficult regardless if you're planning on hiding behind them on slopes of Vail, on  the beaches of Mayakoba, or yes, even the side streets along Madison Avenue.

πŸ“Έ @aickysab

The general idea is to find glasses that flatter your face, but true fashionistas tends to skew away from conventional wisdom. We prefer the esthetic of something that offers 'eye-popping' intrigue. Generally, we are suckers for anything a bit different. Nordstrom hands down has the best selection of sungglasses than any other store.

Take heart shape glasses, for instance. The look is iconic, full of personality and perfect for great Instagram images.  Our absolute favorite are these hearts from Takesh ($169). They come in black, black/blue and red. Of course, you should opt for the red. Saint Laurent is also offering a little love for the eye in clear or black heart shaped frames ($490). Over this way, is a less expensive option form Preverse ($55).

If you're not feeling the love for heart shapes, then you might want to consider something in rainbow. Here is a pair of classic Ray-Bans with a rainbow mirrored lens ($178). These Gucci glasses offer some Roy-G-Biv with colored crystals ($1175) around the oversized frames. Our favorite-favorite, are not traditional rainbow but colored enough: square frame Gucci glasses with colored stripes ($400).

The other big trend going into next season is space age shapes. Like these rimless shield glasses from Givenchy ($495), this funky all frame style from Balenciaga ($495), the angular Rockstud from Valentino ($420) and  these from Gucci ($1105). they which look like they were stolen from Elton John in 1975?

Online shoppers should take advantage of the free shipping and free returns offered by Nordstrom. If only all stores had such a great selection and were as easy to shop as Nordstrom.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Inside the Sale at Saks (There is Gucci)

The windows have been revealed and there is only one final detail to make the holiday season official. Designer markdowns, of course. Saks Fifth Avenue has been hosting a presale for the past few days and the seasonal markdown ritual will be officially public starting Tuesday morning.

The biggest highlight of the Saks sale is the Gucci merchandise. No other store seems has publicly offered any discount on Gucci merchandise-- yet. The markdown assortment isn't wonderful but 40% off is the equivalent of two shots of toquilla-- makes almost everything more attractive.

Among the Gucci merchandise that's discounted 30% to 40% off are there print Gucci loafers, pumps with the removable jeweled bow, Zebra Princetowns with black fur, various colors and prints of the Marmont Double G Block Heels, some Marmont slides and Blossom pool slides. The sale also includes some styles of Gucci bags, including Blossom prints, Padlock bags and some styles of pouches. You can see pictures of more styles over here.

Beyond Gucci, there is a healthy selection of Balmain. This logo sweatshirt isn't crazy expensive and is almost reasonable after the 40% discount. The logo Muscle tees come to just about $150 after the markdown and this 'archival-worthy' studded leather jacket is $2900 from about $5000.

Moving on to the shoe floor, we suggest you nab some Manolo Hangisi satin mules and satin pumps that ring out for about $540 from about $900. You can see lots more shoe pictures this way.

Again, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Celine and other designers aren't part of the markdown yet. Usually those brands are added in early December and within days prices are cut to 50% off. Just don't expect to find those Opium pumps hanging around waiting for you.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Net-a-Porter Sale Begins; Up to 50% Off

The Net-a-Porter  sale went live with it's first sale of the holiday season this Morning. The sale scales up to 50% off. Even though this isn't the 'real' markdown there are some good finds.

Generally speaking, most popular bags styles are discounted 30%. Some of the most interesting sale items include this Off-White tote bag that's $332 from $475 or that brand's classic Paperclip bag is 50% off in bright yellow or blue. A more classic option is this Bottega Veneta cross body in slate gray that's $1100 from $1580 or this variation of the Loewe Hammock bag.

There happen to be an extensive assortment of bags from Tom Ford reduced 40%. Here is the Natalia bag in classic black that's reduced to $1374 from $2290 and the Jennifer bag is offered up in black for $1470 from $2450. Over this way you'll find a variety of bags from Mark Cross Grace styles.

Take note, that the most highly reduced items in the sale section are usually poor sellers or merchandise from last season. The hottest items from the season are normally reduced just 30% off and tend to disappear quickly.

We are still waiting for brands like Chloe, Fendi and Valentino to be added to the sale list. Last year, the more attractive discounts started December 13. We would suggest snatching up the items you most like now and then continuing to stalk the merchandise you covet from this season. Then you pounce like a leopard (pump).

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Styling Manhattanite Minis

Getting yourself party ready is nothing in contrast to styling budding teens and a mini-me. The demands of a New York child's social calendar, combined with an evolving personal style, and questionable media influences could be rather, um, challenging.

Styling these children is a full time job. To make matters worse, there aren't many dress-up options once your girls leave the toddler years. The choices are generally segregated to poor-quality bedazzled styles, 'hootchie' bondage-esque varieties and crazy-crazy-expensive shrunken designer labels. It's really slim pickings.

After extensive research we have found that Milly is the ultimate destination to wardrobe our girls. The SoHo and Madison Avenue boutiques have everything you need to get your mini-Manhattanite ready for just about any social obligation.

Some of our favorites include this pom-pom coat, which caused a fight between my 11-year-old and 6-year-old. My 13-year-old didn't want to take off this lipstick red dress after trying it on. It's no doubt Gotham Hall-ready. This bell sleeve dress comes in a variety of colors and looks good on everyone!

Milly and Milly Minis is sold in a variety of boutiques and department stores but the SoHo and  Madison Avenue  stores have so much more than anyplace else. There are also lots of exclusives, like this 'Uptown Girl' sweatshirt.

Remember  Milly  successfully dressed Blair Waldorf for many seasons. Your Sacred Heart child should be no problem either.

Milly SoHo
158 Mercer St
(212) 921-1682

Milly Madison Avenue
900 Madison Ave
(212) 395-9100

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Roundup: Sale-ling Along Madison Avenue

There is still a bit of warmth in the air, which means it's perfect weather to cruise along Madison Avenue to begin our seasonal presale shopping. Today, we collected markdown intelligence from some key Madison Avenue boutiques.

Take note, some stores can be a bit cagey about their pre-sales. It's best to ask for a particular sales associate or call ahead to see if an appointment is necessary. It's still early in the season for great boutique discounts, so we'll just call this our shopping amuse bouche. Enjoy!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Twitter for pictures and real-time updates.

Pre-sale will begin by appointment now and the sale officially begins on November 22. Clothing will be discounted 40% and shoes and a few select handbags will be discounted 30%. Unfortunately, none of the new style Bracelet bags will not be included in the markdown.
Jane 212-717-8220

Chanel sales always take place a in early to mid-December. Prices on clothing, shoes and accessories will be discounted 40%. Leather bags are almost never marked down, but keep your eyes open for seasonal styles, which are occasionally discounted.
Amy: 212-535-5505

Dolce & Gabbana
The pre-sale at Dolce has quietly started. Most of the fall and winter collection of clothing and shoes are discounted 40% off. There are some bags included in the markdown. The sale officially begins November 26.
Stephanie text 201-951-2597

Prada boutiques only do one markdown each season. Shoppers can begin to presale this weekend. Shoes and clothing are 50% off and handbags are reduced by 40%. Public sale starts the day after Black Friday. We were told that Ribbon bags are included in the markdown but there aren't many velvet bags.
Betty- 212-327-4200

Tom Ford
Markdowns at Tom Ford are a straight 50% off clothing. The sales people are extremely cautious about sharing sale information. We were told that certain style bags are included in the markdown including totes in non-classic colors.
Veronica 212-359-0300 or text 917-710-7922

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bergdorf Goodman Presale Begins Friday

The holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman are twinkling with life but inside, everything is hush-hush. Most sales people are unwilling to even acknowledge that sale season is upon us. One even had the audacity to claim that Bergdorf will not having a sale this season.

Lucky we know better and have insiders who are willing to share the truth. Presale will start Friday at the Fifth Avenue store. The sale will go public on-line and in stores this Tuesday. Parent company, Neiman Marcus will officially start sale season on today.

The discount at Bergdorf Goodman will be 30% off most shoes and bags. Many clothing brands are marked down 40% off. Chanel and Celine, Christian Louboutin, Dior and a few other brands will not be included in the markdown--just yet.

Over in the handbag section, we spotted a lot of Bergdorf/Neiman Marcus exclusive styles that will be included in the markdown. Sales people will not be given the official sale list until this evening, so we may be off by a style or two. (You can click here to see lots of pictures from inside the store.)

We were told that the entire main wall of Valentino bags will be eligible for the markdown. We are anticipating on finding this Valentino floral bag and the Rockstud top handle among the sale selection. Among the Balenciaga variety will be several colors in the Velo and City bags. There will be some older color options of Prada Saffiano and bags and the bi-color saddle bag. Among the Saint Laurent options will be the Monogram heart-style bag, some colors of the Chain Bags and  the College cross body.

Plan on finding an extensive sale selection in the shoe department. We hear that the abundance of expensive shoes is making for a highly competitive market. We are told that the shoe sale will roll out in stages. As the season goes along, more styles will continually be added to the markdowns. To start, you can expect to find Balenciaga booties and it's expected that sock tights and Jersey pumps will be added to the sale lineup in a few weeks.

We are told the sale selections of Valentino will be extensive. It might even include the new quilted styles, plenty of Rockstuds and slides. Almost the entire selections from Gianvitto Rossi and Aquazzura will be included in the first round of markdowns.

You can scroll above to see the sale items that will be available online on Tuesday or click here to see  pictures of shoes and bags that we anticipate will be included in the presale sale.  We will continue to update the post as more information becomes available. Feel free to share information in the comment section too.

Handbags & Accessories:

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Moda Operandi 50% Off

Presale season is just kicking off but Moda Operandi isn't wasting a moment. The fashion site just started a private sale where nearly everything is 50% off. To access the private sale you must use this link and use the code FRIENDS50. This private promotion only runs through Sunday.

You're not alone if you're feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of markdown options. It gets a little crazy when you start to realize the possiblilties. Right here is a JW Anderson Pierce bag that comes to $740 from $1480 and a really gorgeous Roksanda tote that comes to $1250 from $1500.

Shoes are always our next stop. The heel on these Ellery booties gets us every time ($850 from $1775). Aquazzura work boots come to about $600 from $1200 and this Lanvin version with chains is just about the same price. You really can't go wrong with these Giuseppi ankle boots that are $350 from almost $700.

Moving along to the clothing there is a wide assortment from which to choose. Moda is so fashion forward that you really need to have your own strong sense of your own style. How about wearing this Delpozo dress ($1500 from $3000) to a Christmas party? No doubt it would be a huge hit. A red Brock frock is no less festive but probably a bit more functional. This smoking dress from Lanvin ($1150 from $2300) is the perfect length to wear with thigh-high boots.

Some less expensive items include this Courreges skirt that comes to $500, a JW Anderson shirtdress that's $350 from $700 and this Vivetta blouse is perfect for $240 from $480.

This private promotion only runs through Sunday. Usually prices go back up for a bit and then the sale goes public. Before the season is over, Moda discounts easily hit 75% to 80% off but by then the pickings are quite slim.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Perfect Cold Night Snuggle

Days are continually getting shorter and colder and there is nothing more delicious than getting home, kicking off your heels and suiting up in soft, warm pajamas. As a matter of fact, we look forward to it almost all day.

I've been on a personal mission to get the most out of my cozy time at home. I've found that Bloomingdales has the best loungewear options and Splendid has become my most beloved brand when I'm dying to snuggle-up and cozy-down.

These printed thermals are my absolute favorite. One in each print just isn't enough. We love these cropped jogger pants because all you need to do is throw on a coat and you're in a perfectly acceptable ensemble for school drop-off. On nights when the pre-war building heat is pumping, the windows are open and it's still boiling, I opt for this simple short pajama set.

The right robe is the last remaining component before you settle in to Netflix binge. I find thin silk robes and oversized terrycloth styles to be a bit overrated. I prefer something thin and soft for Winter. Check out this flannel style from Henro or this heather knit version from Ugg.

You can click this way to see more terrific options from Bloomingdales. The best part is that you can always count on Bloomingdales to offer  great promotion to make your wallet as cozy as your winter jammies.

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Take Note: Gucci Price Hike

We are always on the lookout for sales but every once in a while we are surprised by a price hike. Just in time for the holiday season, Gucci has quietly raised it's prices on some of its most popular items.

We noticed that the ubiquitous Jordaan and Brixton Loafers are now $730 from $695. Customers are reporting that other styles of shoes and bags have gone up as much as a staggering 20%.

The good thing is that not all sites have raised their prices-- just yet. We did a little roundup of online stores looking for the best deals. We decided to use the classic Jordaan as a litmus test. Take note, velvet styles are now priced everywhere for $695.

Neiman Marcus: Leather styles are $730 but jacquard versions, like  with stars or leopard are $695.

MyTheresa: Brown loafers are $695, black is $730 and brightly print jacquard styles are $670.

MatchesFashion: Black and brown loafers are $730 but red (our favorite) is $695. A floral jacquard is $670. In contrast, a pineapple print jacquard is $760.

Net-A-Porter: There have been no price hikes on the Jordaan loafer on NAP-- yet. Black, brown and the velvets are all priced at $695. The best part is that there is a full size range still available. We all know that won't last long. On the downside, all of the Brixton's have been adjusted to the new price of $730.

Gucci: All prices on leather loafers have been updated to $730. As a matter of fact, this jacquard print is 795.

Saks Fifth Avenue: All basic leather style loafers seem to be sold out. The print jacquard versions from this season are $695 but this new style on per-order is $890.

Barneys: There are no Gucci deals at Barneys this season. They do happen to have a cool cat print Jacquard that we haven't seen everywhere. It's priced at $670. New style prints are $890.

FarFetch: Sadly, there aren't many deals at Farfetch either. We found one red Jordaan priced at $695 but there is only one size left. Here is that cat print again for $670 and many sizes are available We did happen to find a Brixton in pink for $630!

If you're on the prowl, and still can't find what you want for the old price, we suggest you call some smaller designer boutiques that carry Gucci. You might have more luck finding your size or getting a price concession.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Inside Barneys First Markdown Presale

Some people are excited by a Saturday night dining at Le CouCous others prefer to clink glasses at the Boom Boom Room. This spy, especially loves kicking a weekend evening touring a fine Barneys presale.

Saturday started the beginning of Barneys designer presale. As usual, an abundance of designer merchandise will be discounted 40% off, designer bags will be reduced by 30%. The sale officially goes public on November 21 but we suggest that shoppers begin to call in their most desired purchases right away.

Among the designer bags included in the first markdown are an assortment of Balenciaga City and Bazar. Also included are several styles of the classic City bags, extra large, medium and small Arena Bazar shoppers.

You can click here to see pictures of all the sale bags and shoes we found at the Barneys on Madison. Online shoppers can use the above scroll bar to preview the styles that will be included in the markdown starting on November 21.

We noticed a hefty assortment of Fendi bags included in the presale. Take note, some of the sale styles are from last season. We spotted, this bag with pom-poms, a variety of Lei Selleria bags, By The Way mini satchels and a mini Peekaboo with colored flowers. Among the straps included in the markdown is this fur style and some mini versions.

There are just a few Saint Laurent bags included in the upcoming markdown but this ribbed Sac du Jour in black and a brown version with snake skin handles are two popular styles that will be reduced. Also look out for the black soft Envelope medium chain bag that will be $1649 from $2350. Both black and red are on the sale list. Our favorite is the Monogram College large shoulder bag.

The Givenchy brand has had better years. It's no surprise that lots of classics are included in the presale. Look out for the Studded black Nano Antigona that's $1699 from $2290. A small red Antigona is $1599 from $2280 and a baby blue mini is $1249 from $1790.

Of all the designer bags on presale, Chloe has the largest selection. There are plenty of Faye bags, Marcia styles, Lexas, a Drew bag in black and white and all black.

Moving upstairs to the shoe department, the only designers excluded from this round of markdowns are Celine, Dries Van Noten and Christian Louboutin. All other sale shoes are 40% off. It's no surprise there are no Speed Trainers  included in the sale but you can snag 40% off on Balenciaga velvet ankle boots, floral print booties and slippers. We also like the Maison Margiela drawstring ankle boots, Loewe loafers. Click this way to see a full assortment of shoes included in the markdown.

We suggest you grab what you can during presale or have your trigger finger ready for online shopping on November 21. There will be another wave of markdown merchandise after Thanksgiving and second markdown beings the day after Christmas.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Updated: Fendi Sale Opens to the Public

The LVMH-owned Fendi has been hosting an employee sample sale all week. Usually, to get into these sales you need to have an employee ID and get past several layers of security. Starting Thruday afternoon, the company began allowing a small amount of public customers into the sale.

LVMH employee sales are notorious for offering the most epic discounts. Today we stopped by this sale at 5pm and there wasn't much of a crowed and the door policy was pretty lax. Attendees are required to show ID in the lobby and when checking-in. As predicted, the discounts range from 80% to 90% off.

There are really no bags left to speak and very few small accessories. There are lots of Fendi key chains and charms--  Fendirumis, Micro Monsters, Abcharms, Cookie Bugs and more. All are priced between $100 and $200. There are also iPhone cases and other small gadget gizmos. All sunglasses are $70 and jewelry is 80% to 90% off too. (Pictures are right this way.)

The best selection is the shoes, which are priced as marked at about 85% off. Most shoes are from last winter's collection. We spotted Karlito Fendi sneakers for $180 from $1550,  there were lots of ruffled mules in various colors priced at $120 and ankle boots were $180 from $1300. (You can click here to see pictures.)

Take note,  'opening-to-the-public' is subject to change at any time. The door policy this afternoon seemed inconsistent. Some people seemed to get in while others complain about being turned away. The crowed was very light early in the evening. We expect that the final two hours, tomorrow, will be busier.  Good luck! Please leave comments below about what you see, find and buy.

Fendi Showroom Sample Sale
Thursday, November 9 and Friday, November 10
Thurs 4:30pm-6:30pm, Fri 9am-11am
598 Madison Avenue, (57 Street) 16 Floor

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale

Most people have been so distracted by the news that shopping has been brushed aside. As part of the back-to-reality process we started to surf online stores while still keeping an eye on current events. We were excited to find that Nordstrom is hosting a Fall clearance sale where discounts are about 40% off.

The limited-time promotion runs through Sunday in stores and online but we suggest you start browsing now before weekend shoppers begin to attack. These very cool Opening Ceremony boots with a lucite heel are now $270 from almost $450. We are surprised to see them online at all since some stores have sold out.

We just love the assortment of stylish denim. Here is tuxedo pair from Frame that's $146 from $245. We just love this 'Wild Child' leather bomber jacket from Alice & Olivia that's reduced to $600 from $1000. It's 40% off and reduced to $890 from $1500. This bomber jacket from The Kooples isn't leather and is a lot less expensive at $270 from $450.

As the saying goes, 'See something, Say Something.' If you see an item for less at another store, we suggest calling Nordstrom operators and they will price match and even sometimes even add an extra shopping incentive. It's just a nice little perk.

Matches Boasts Discounts of 70% Off

t's not too often that we find discounts pushing 70% anywhere before Thanksgiving. Outside of discount stores, these types of markdowns are usually saved for temporary special promotions. We were very happily surprised to find a large assortment of merchandise at the UK-based Matches discounted a full 70% off.

Head this way to browse pages of items selling for just a fraction of their retail price. Here is a floral print Sophie Theallet dress that's $355 from $1350, a Sonia Rykiel mini skirt is $169 from $566 and this classic Marco De Vincenzo metallic skirt is $195 from over $650. Among the items that are less discounted, but no less desirable, we found this embellished 'Hot Stuff' clutch that's reduced to $$283 from $567. It's not too expensive and it's a great conversation piece. Over here, is a classic Miu Miu bag that's reduced 50%.

Matches offers free delivery and returns and even this highly reduced merchandise can be shipped back if it isn't right. That's even better than a sample sale-- and some boutiques-- where you have no recourse.

Monday, November 6, 2017

The IT-It: Gold and Diamonds

In a sea of $5000 bags and $1000 pumps it's hard to get excited about almost any accessory. These types of price tags make it hard to justify a new purchase every season. It's actually become a bit of a bore. The thrill just isn't there.

We have found ourselves abandoning the shoe floor and luxury handbag department as we browse items with more sparkle and shimmer. A new necklace or bracelet seems a lot more appealing than a purse. After all, classic jewelry pieces can be worn for a lifetime day-in-and-day-out. Even a Chanel 2.55 can look worn and tired after a few years of use.

At Nordstrom, we found a Roberto Coin diamond pendant that is just about the same price as Vetements awful star platform boots. You can afford to buy three gold and diamond sticking rings from Bony Levi for less than one pair of aqua Balenciaga sky-high neoprene boots. Oversized gold hoop earrings are more fashionable than  Valentino Rockstuds and they cost half as much. We bet that you wear them twice as often too.

What do you think you will get bored of first? This David Yurman stackable ring or a Fendi Peekaboo? Don't even bother guessing which is more money. You already know. If you can't live a season without Gucci, go for this 18k gold Gucci hoursebit necklace. It's priced tless than the Dionysus top handle bag.

This season, simply put, we are leaving the shoes and going for the gold (and diamonds). As always, shoppers should take advantage of Nordstrom's great customer service. We never have any doubt of the quality and authenticity of jewelry purchased at Nordstrom. The best part is that there is always free shipping and free returns. If only shopping was as gratifying.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Exquisite Fine Jewels at a Significant Discount

Bitta Design Group is hosting a sale of fine jewelry that will knock your socks off. The company's exquisite collection will be available for a significant discount for a few days only. This private sale includes an array of dazzling earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets discounted 70% off retail prices. You can click over this way for a sneak peek.

Bitta Design Group Private Sale
Tuesday, November 7 through Thursday, November 9
10am-8pm daily
Lotte Palace Hotel: 455 Madison Avenue @51st Street

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Charlotte Olympia VIP Sale

Charlotte Olympia is kicked off the Madison Avenue markdown season today with the start of its private VIP presale. Shoes and bags from this past pre-spring and spring collections are all marked down 50%.

There is a large assortment of merchandise included in presale. Just remember, the store only has one size of each shoe. You can browse through the sale assortment using this link. Online shoppers should head to Saks Off-Fifth where many older styles of shoes and bags are reduced up to 70% off. Most of the selection is from last winter's collection but there are some great styles. We love these low boots with a jumbo star that are $319 from almost $1100, leopard pumps with pom-poms are $280 from $980 and an 'Irresistible' clutch is $265 from $1200. Prices are even more attractive once you use the current promotional code where you can save an extra 30% by using the code HOLIDAY17.

All sale items at the Charlotte Olympia boutique are final and orders called in over the phone can be secured by payment and shipped to the customer. Unfortunately, the company's bi-annual sample sale was early this year. If you're looking for even better savings, you're going to have to wait until the spring. (The details from are here.) Decisions. Decisions.

Charlotte Olympia Boutique
22 East 65th Street
Giorgi Rekhviashvili 917-445-4755

Friday, November 3, 2017

Wearhouse Clearance Sale

At some point, buying disposable clothing gets old. Even with grandiose collaborations, the prices are bloated and the quality is not what it should be. Nothing can substitute for the real thing.

When we are looking for iconic designer pieces without spending a king's ransom, we head to Wearhouse, in Great Neck, LI. Wearhouse is a massive retail space that is essentially an designer outlet with all the furnishings of a high-end boutique. There are helpful sales people and even a tailor on premises. This is the place you go to find real couture pieces for elaborate events, a demure cocktail dresses, polished work attire and even some elevated casual wear.

What better? Starting Sunday, Wearhouse will be hosting a massive clearance sale where designer clothing from Valentino, Naeem Khan and Piazza Sempione will all be reduced to 80% off. There will also be an assortment of shoes, bags and accessories from the same designers, discounted 70%. We are told that you will also find great selection of Stuart Weitzman shoes for 70% off.

We suggest you take inventory of your upcoming social calendar and plan appropriately. Who wouldn't rather spend $300 on real Naeem Khan than fake Erdem? Keep an eye out for a great selection of coats, which we find nearly irresistible. (Unfortunately, the coat closet does not always agree.)

Wearhouse Clearance Sale
Sunday, November 5 through Thursday, November 9
Sunday 10am-5pm & Monday to Thurs 9:30am-6pm
8 Hicks Lane
Great Neck, NY

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Madeline Weinrib Sample Sale 80% off

It's hard to admit, but interior design aficionados might be even more fashionable than fashion lovers. Interior design is almost like fashion on steroids. The problem is that the most fashionable furniture and home accessories are sooooo expensive. That is, unless you can find a good sample sale.

One of fashion's favorite textile design experts, Madeline Weinrib is hosting a sample sale at ABC Carpet & Home. The designer's incredible rugs, pillows and tapestries are discounted up to 80% off.

We passed by the sale a little early and were 'floored' by the incredible inventory. We spotted a 2x2 throw pillow for $129 from $550 and another classic cotton version was just $59 from $250, a silk 1x2 throw pillow is $199 from $800. The sale even includes a selection of vintage Moroccan rugs, most of which are 60% off. There are also dozens of runners, which can be used on the table top or floor, starting at $129. (You can see pictures and prices here.)

As for the bigger rugs, there are plenty. A classic cotton 8x11 Echo pattern, in royal blue, is $629 from $2550, an iconic orange 10x14 pink geometric pattern rug is $799 from $3200 and a huge 15x20 (which is great for a loft of Summer home great room) is just $2639 from $10,500. Some of the best finds are rugs that were custom manufactured for clients that never received delivery. We spotted some of these for 80% off.

You won't want to miss the accessories corner --by the stairs. We spotted dozens of items that are hard to find and not even offered online. A lacquer tray is $400 from $800, cashmere print throws are $800 from $1600, a set of napkins is $38 from $120 and iconic print tunics are $199 from $425.

We suggest home design gurus and brand fans should hit this sale early. Today was just a preview day and it was already buzzing. We know that those with a great eye will snag the best merchandise first. We know we did!

Madeline Weinrib Sample Sale
Friday, November 3rd 2017 to Sunday, November 5th 2017
Fri-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-6:30pm
ABC Carpet & Home: 881 Broadway, Lower Level

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ulta Beauty Opens First Manhattan Store

The East 86th Street corridor is quickly becoming a beacon of light for beauty obsessives. Sephora is on Lexington Avenue, MAC is on Second Avenue and this week Ulta Beauty opened it's first Manhattan store on Third Avenue.

The 12,000-sq-ft store is much more than a lip-stick and nail-polish emporium. The beauty giant houses more than 20,000 products from approximately 500 well-established and emerging beauty brands across all categories and price points. The 86th Street store also offers an array of beauty services including, hair cuts, color, blowouts, makeup and nails. An assortment of facials are offered by Dermalogical and brow and lashes services are offered by BrowBar.

What makes this beauty emporium different than most any other beauty retailer in New York is the vast variety of merchandise. Shoppers will find a verity of drugstore brands, like Revlon and Maybelline, in addition to elevated products from Perricone, Nars and MAC.

We are most excited about being able to test products from brands like Lipstick Queen, Anastasia Beverly Hills, which aren't readily available at our usual haunts. Ulta is also known for it's legendary exclusives with Tarte, Urban Decay and various other companies.

As mentioned, Ulta's menu of beauty services is extensive. Haircuts start at $46 for a junior stylist and range to nearly $100 for a master coiffeur. Beware, if you think you are headed for an inexpensive cut, there are lots of extra charges that make an Ulta cut almost as expensive as a Madison Avenue salon.

On our first go-round we were cornered into an elevated stylist, charged for long hair and various other fees that were later removed. The bottom line is that the cut was very nice but customers should be sure to ask about the costs before booking a service.

The best thing about the Ulta store is that it opens at 7am, which means you can drop the kids off at school and have pronto service before the day officially begins. Beautiful before 8am is the start of a beautiful day.

Ulta Beauty 
188 East 86th Street
Mon-Fri 7am-9pm
Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 9am-8pm

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

NOVEMBER SAMPLE SALES πŸ‚πŸ—πŸŒ½Mont Blanc Newly Added

The calendar has turned to November, which means sample sale shopping will hit a frenetic peak. It's a good thing because Thanksgiving and holiday parties are right around the corner. There is no better time to start collecting holiday gifts and adding some exciting pieces to your home and wardrobe. 

Below is a list of what we believe to be the best bargain bonanzas of the month. You can continue to check back here and we will add more sales and commentary. Feel free to ask questions, feedback and comments below. You can also follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to get quick and immediate updates.

Global Fashions Friends & Family Sale
New merchandise and extra markdowns at this multi-designer sample sale, which includes a variety of designers. Highlights include M. Missoni, Naeem Khan, Red Valentino and Badgley Mischka. We spotted a pink Red Valentino dress with scalloped pockets that's just $120 from $595, a silk dress with a leaf print is $180 from almost $900, a leather dress (above) about $560 from $2795, work boots with a signature bow and heel are also $220 from $900. See a full post and pictures over here.
Through Wednesday, November 1
Sun 10am-5pm, Mon-Wednesday 9am-6pm daily
49 W. 38th Street btwn 5th & 6th (Main floor)

Paul Smith
This is one sale that should not be missed by any well-dressed man. Expect to find exquisitely tailored jackets, suits and pants discounted up to 90% off. Now that you know about this sale, you have no excuse not be perfectly dressed for any occasion. 
Through Sunday, November 5
Wed to Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-4pm
151 Wooster Street

Zadig & Voltaire Sample Sale
The French, contemporary label is holding a large sample sale. Prices usually start off expensive but then get reduced as the sale continues. Last season, the final prices for dresses and jackets were $125, sweaters and scarves ware $50 and pants were $60.
Through Sunday, November 5
Wed & Thurs 10am-8pm, Fri & Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm
260 Fifth Avenue

Jimmy Choo Sample Sale
The sale opens to the public on Wednesday, November 1 at the Metropolitan Pavillion. To attend the sale you must use this link to RSVP. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the code CELESTE to receive your email confirmation number. Each indivitual must have a confirmation number to get into the sale. Basic pumps and sandals are usually $200, booties are $325 and boots are $375. Women's shoes run from size 35 to 41 and men's go from 43 to 46.
Wednesday, November 1 through Friday, November 3
Wed 11am-7pm, Wed 8am-7pm, Thurs 8am-7pm
RSVP Link Password: Celeste
The Metropolitan Pavillion: 123 West 18th St.

S'well Sample Sale/Bandier
It wasn't until the Swell's last sample sale was ending that we realized that we needed bottles for camp. In a panic, a friend picked them up for us. We were instantly addicted and Swells have replaced our bottled water habit. Expect to find a large variety of bottles for $10 a piece from about $30. Stock up, after a while, they start to leak and the ones sent to camp picked up a 'lake smell.' For $10, you don't have to feel guilty about replacing them a few times a year. The Bandier sample sale shares the space. You can see last season's review right here
Tuesday, November 7 through Sunday, November 12
Tues 9am-8pm, Wed to Thur 10am-8pm, Fri to Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm
260 Sample Fifth Avenue

Phillip Lim Sample Sale
This sale is always a highlight of the season. Expect bags to fly off the shelves during the first few hours of the sale. At last season's sale large Pashlis were $300, minis were $200, the 31 Hour tote bag, Soleil bucket bags and Biancas were $200. All other bag styles were $150. All shoes were $100. Shirts were $120 or $150 for embroidered options, pants, jeans and shorts were $75 and dresses ranged from $175 to $450 and outerwear ran for $175 to $500 for leather and fur options. You can click here to see the full report for the Spring sale.
Tuesday, November 7 through Sunday, November 12
Tues 1pm-8pm, Wed-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-5pm
160 Greene Street

Yigal Azrouel
In an era of mega-produced sample sales it's nice to enjoy a traditional showroom sale. Yigal provides just that fix. This one day sample sale offers discounts of 80% off true sample sale stock and also offers open stock for highly reduced process. For example, a spring-like cable knit jersey dress will be $139 from $1190, a shearling will be $495 from $2990 and a sleeveless dress will be $139 from $1490.
Wednesday, November 8
225 West 39th Street, 5th Floor

La Perla
We are always looking for sales with true samples. When it comes to lingerie it might be a bit more tricky. (What is a lingerie sample size anyway?) Those not born with the body of a Giselle, can still take advantage of discounts ranging from 80% to 95% off retail. We are told there there will also be bags and a full size range of shoes. Phew!
Friday, November 10 through Sunday, November 12
Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm
32 East 57th Street, 6th Fl

Sometimes it's great to go big and the Bulgari sample sale happens to be a great resource for big purchases. We suggest going for watches, which can be the perfect combination of sporty and chic. Look for discounts of 60% off. Bulgari bags and glasses are also a big hit but make sure the discounts are reasonable. Lots of people like to stock up on fragrances and give them away as holiday gifts. We don't judge. Bulgari is Bulgari-- no matter where it's purchased.
Saturday, November 18 through Tuesday November 21
9:00am-6:30pm daily
Soiffer Haskin: 317 West 33rd Street

Mont Blanc
The Mont Blanc sample sale is always a readers' favorite. Most pens, watches, accessories and jewelry are discounted 50% to 60% off but discounts on less popular items go up to 80% off. The most popular and giftable items tend to go very quickly. Those attending the sale should expect a long line on opening day and shorter lines throughout the term of the sale. For some reason, there is always a wait for Mont Blanc.
Monday, November 20 through Wednesday, November 22
Mon & Tues 9am-7pm, Wed 9am-5pm
260 Fifth Avenue